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Home Cleaning

Most household surfaces can benefit from steam cleaning, such as, upholstery, carpets, mattresses, curtains, floors, tiles, ceramic and metal fixtures, glass and mirrors, kitchen appliances and more.


Offices Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is an important part of the continual maintenance of your office chairs and lounges.  Benefits of our steam cleaning service include: Assist allergy sufferers by eradicating dust mites, carpet mites and various super bugs.

Restaurant Cleaning

When dealing with cleaning and sanitation standards for a restaurant, no corners can be cut. Restaurants have to make sure that their business environment is always clean to avoid food contamination when serving or cooking. A dirty restaurant will not do well because customers like visiting clean restaurants for their meals.

restaurant Steam cleaning Couches N Rugs

Car Cleaning Services

Steam Cleaning is a revolutionary system that is changing the entire car wash industry around the world. Many factors have contributed to its rise in use: high pressure water sprayers can get moisture in sensitive automotive electronics, water use restrictions, the banning of harsh (but effective) chemicals and simply reducing the amount of effort and time required. Steam cleaning is now being used to clean interiors, disinfect air-conditioning/heating vents, degrease engines and even wash entire cars.

Hotel accommodations, residences, health resorts and all types of small and large tourism facilities have particular needs concerning sanitizing and hygiene. Due to the frequency of check in and check out, as well as room service; the cleaning staff is required to be fast and efficient. They must also reduce risks of chemical disinfectants and detergents and guarantee a fresh, clean atmosphere. 

Hospitality Steam cleaning
Hospital steam cleaning

Health Care Centre Cleaning

Infection control and the fight against hospital “superbugs” are the biggest concerns within today’s medical and healthcare industries. Many bugs have now become immune to chemical detergents, and consequently, the rise of steam cleaning technology has been enthusiastically welcomed by hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes and veterinary and dental surgeries. 

Schools are always asked to provide a clean and healthy environment but most of them are struggling with insufficient labour and poor cleaning techniques.

Gym steam Cleaning

Gyms Cleaning Services

When we think of gyms we envision people getting fit and making their bodies healthier, and if we go ourselves, we feel better just by being there, however, going to the gym can actually be detrimental to your health – if the gym hasn’t been adequately cleaned.

Most travelers worry about planes crashing. What they don’t worry about is the air inside planes. Confined spaces, such as airplane cabins, can be especially toxic due to poor ventilation and the buildup of pollutants in the air.


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